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KALGen Innolab,

The history of KALGen INNOLAB began with the establishment of KALGen (Kalbe Genomics) in 2009 as the pioneer of an anatomical pathology laboratory specializing in the field of Molecular Oncology.

With a mission to answer the needs of the community, 3 years later (2012) KALGen (Kalbe Genomics) began collaborating with DNALab Malaysia to launch an innovative HPV Genotyping test at an affordable price. It didn't stop there, KALGen again collaborated in 2016 with Japanese companies, namely the Health Science Research Institute (HSRI) or Hoken Kagaku Kenkyujo (HKK) and Toyota Tsusho Corporation (TTC). This collaboration is the first joint venture between Indonesia and Japan in the health sector.

In 2019, KALGen Innolab developed an innovative genomic-based assay by launching the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) assay for BRCA 1-2 Mutation & OncoPANEL-Lung 12 Genes. In addition, we also launched the GEN-ME Brand which developed NutriGEN-ME & SkinGEN-ME, a once-in-a-lifetime DNA examination using saliva samples that aims to determine the overall characteristics of the body starting from nutritional needs, exercise patterns, to disease risk according to genetics.

Amid a pandemic in 2020, KALGen Innolab is believed to be the government's first private laboratory for testing COVID-19, because it already has inspection equipment facilities with Biosafety Level (BSL) 2+. In the same year, the KALGen Innolab Anatomical Pathology Laboratory was accredited by KALK & KAN ISO: 1589 and launched the OncoPANEL-Colorectal test. A first for a comprehensive biomarker examination for colorectal/colon cancer.

It doesn't stop there, KALGen Innolab continues to innovate to keep up with the times. In 2021, KALGen Innolab officially launched InnoLAMP Saliva, a COVID-19 test equivalent to PCR with using saliva samples. As well as deploying mobile laboratories in North Sulawesi and North Sumatra.

Until now, with continuous innovation, KALGen Innolab has developed the Cytogenetic Karyotyping test to help diagnose diseases with chromosomal abnormalities such as blood malignancies and congenital disorders.

KALGen Innolab continues to aspire to become the best referral clinical laboratory in Indonesia by:

  • Providing the best quality, complete, professional, and responsive laboratory services, supported by the latest technology and a prolific management system
  • Becoming the best partner for your personalized health and wellness.

About PT Kalbe Farma Tbk

PT Kalbe Farma Tbk (Kalbe) was estabilished in 1966 and is one of the largest listed pharmaceutical companies in Southeast Asia. Kalbe has four man divisions that handle reliable and diverse brand portfolios; prescription drug division (Cefspan, Brainact, Broadced, etc); health product division that handles over-the-counter drugs (Promag, Mixagrip, Komix, Woods, Fation, etc) and ready-to-drink and energy drinks (Hydro Coco, Extra Joss), nutrition division (ChilKid, Prenagen, Diabetasol, etc); and distribution division. 

Now Kalbe has more than 30 subsidiaries and 10 international standard production facilities, supported by around 17.000 employees spread across 72 branches throughout Indonesia. Since 1991, Kalbe's shares have been listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange 

For more information about Kalbe, visit website at www.kalbe.co.id

About Hoken Kagaku Kenkyujo, Inc.

Health Sciences Research Institute Inc., is called ‘Hoken Kagaku Kenkyujo’ (HKK) in Japanese, founded in 1950 as the first commercial clinic in Japan. HKK mission is to provide accurate data and fast result reporting. 

HKK has contributed to public health for more than 68 years with a trusted service network, with 93 sales offices, and 52 laboratories, covering a wide variety of testing such as biochemistry, hematology, microbiology, genetics, oncology, and pathology. 

HKK is facing new challenges by implementing new testing technologies into its business, entering the international market, and developing its human resources further.

About Toyota Tsusho Corporation

Toyota Tsusho Corporation (TTC) was founded in 1948 as a trading subsidiary of the Toyota Group. Today, Toyota Tsusho operates in more than 120 countries with around 58,000 employees, who work together to fulfill the mission of creating a prosperous society. 

Toyota Tsusho continues to expand as a global leader in motor vehicle exports and automotive production support. Toyota Tsusho has seven operational divisions (Metals/ Parts & Global Logistics/ Automotive/ Machinery, Energy & Projects/ Chemicals and Electronics/ Food & Consumer Services/ Africa) focused on three business areas. The focus is the field of Mobility, which contributes to the comfort of society in the future; the field of Resources & environment, which guarantees a sustainable community life; and the field of Life & Community, which supports a healthy and comfortable lifestyle.

Further information about TTC can be accessed on the website 

KALGen Innolab


KALGen Innolab

aspire to become the best referral clinical laboratory in Indonesia by :

  • Icon Stateoscope Providing the best quality, complete, professional, and responsive laboratory services, supported by the latest technology and a prolific management system
  • Icon Partner Becoming the best partner for your personalized health and wellness